The Auckland President's Grade remains as popular as ever between clubs and offers rugby to players that still want to engage in the game and have a go, even though some of the 'speed' and 'skills' of years gone by may have deserted some of the players! 

We are extrememly fortunate to have 3 President's sides at the club these are - 

  • Hustlers
  • Frenchies
  • Sealions

Our teams have a few rules the most important one to follow is they don't train, EVER! When the whistle blows on game day the lads all come together, go out and have fun playing in the spirit of the President's game. Matches are mostly played on Saturday afternoons at 14:45pm but there are occasions during the season when Friday night rugby is played. This gives the players that quality time with their wives and partners for Saturday afternoon shopping....but its often noted a number of the lads would rather be supporting the others teams from the clubs fantastic deck instead.

President's rugby is fun and we haven't lost sight of the social side of rugby, wives, children, whanau are invited to come down and support and be part of the day. If you are looking to still play rugby without the commitment of training and match day warm ups then let us know as we are always on the hunt for new players to join the sides.

For more information around our President's sides contact Nooroa Tokahere, Director of Rugby on:

p/027 808 4197


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