Sponsorship and funding is an integral part of club Rugby in New Zealand. Without the support of our sponsors and funders Grammar TEC Rugby would struggle to be the club it is today. You will find a full list of our Sponsors in the Sponsors Directory. Please support our sponsors as they support us. 

There will be amongst our catchment of supporters and business associates those who are willing and able to enter into a higher level of financial support for the club as club sponsors. With the development of the Grammar TEC Rugby website, improved communication systems and our substantial membership through Grammar TEC, Carlton Juniors, Grammar Juniors and GTEC Juniors we can provide company and brand exposure to a broad spectrum of potential customers in exchange for your sponsorship dollar. If you would like to discuss this further please email us at Shane@grammartec.co.nz


There are number of Grants and Trusts that support Grammar TEC and we are very grateful to them for the funding they give us. ​​​​​​​